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Inclinable Form, Fill & Seal

SMART is a great inventionan unusual flow-pack machine with high potentialities and where the bag former, the driving and sealing rollers and the crimp and seal system, all form a single rotating group that allows to use the machine and to load products in different positions (horizontal, diagonal or even vertical), providing endless range of uses and applications. The exclusive features are making SMART ideal for a wide variety of applications:

  • Baked products – bread – confectionery – pasta – pizza – focaccia – frozen foods – vegetable and fruits of all kinds, poultry, salami, white meats, cheese… individually or multi packed, with or without a tray.
  • Technical articles, hobby items, home accessories, householdsSMART probably represents the only and sole solution for packing products with a wide difference in length (profiles in wood, metal and/or plastic, electrical conduits, pipes, coils …) without having to re-parameter or to re-adjust the machine.

SMART is a system completely synchronized with the operator. The loading of the product automatically activates the film unwinding and its forward moving and bagging. It is not the operator to run after the machine, but the machine adapting itself to the operator.

SMART can be integrated with feeding and loading systems, like motorized belts conveyors or simple gravity sliding plates specifically made upon the products to be packed, to implement performances and functionality.

SMART can also be used for the packing of multiple items; in this case the working procedure is activated each time by the operator.

SMART is equipped with a PLC operating system with the latest generation software and a “touch screen” control panel which allows a simpler and faster setting of the different working parameters such as packaging speed, sealing temperatures, length of the bags, etc.